How I propagate succulent leaves and cuttings

Nicole Romano succulent propagation tips succulents

Step 1.
Grab yourself a plastic tray with very few holes in it. If you have some thing that does have holes in it you can line it with burlap the coconut core liner. Or anything like that so you’re covering up the holes. Now the next thing that I do as I take a few paper towels and put it on top of the liner you used . If u have a tray with very few holes or tiny holes skip this step.

Step 2.

Now what I do is I take a few paper towels and I lay them on top of the tray if you had to put liner down then put the paper towels on top of them. If you did not have to put liner down lay the paper towels directly on your plastic tray.

Step 3.

Now after I do that I take Viagra coconut coir / perlite mix combine them up and mix well then I put about an inch thick layer. Covering the whole bottom of the tray.

Step 4.

Now I will take each leaf and starting at the outer part of the tray gently lay each leaf almost in an upright position with just the tip of the lease in the soil. Working my way to the middle . 
positioning like this will allow you to use the maximum amount of space . 

Using this mix does a few things . Coconut coir promotes root growth and perlite allows the soil to be airy preventing moisture buildup that causes leaves to rot faster . 
I have almost 100% success propagating this way . 

Try it out I love using Viagro Coconut Coir and Perlite . Not just because there lower cost . But they have worked so well in propagating leaves and cuttings for me . 
That is so important because of the amount of succulents and sedums I use . I have to use something that works . Not only that it has cut the time in half it normally takes to root a leaf or cutting . 

Don’t forget the paper towels they grab any moisture and in the beginning stages moisture is your enemy . Do not water your leaves yet . 
I will cover that in another post . And how to get a 100% success rate propagating leaves and the importance of choosing leaves as well . 


Lastly even if u don’t have a lot of bring indirect sunlight you still follow these tips . Once u get them established try to get them more light for more color . 
you can buy $10 grow lights and I will cover that in another post . And ways to get light even outside in colder temps . 


I hope this helps I know all the experimenting I done was hard and frustrating . Once I tried this and see how great leaves and cuttings grew I was finally on my way to growing baby succulents and eventually adult succulents . 

Have any questions reach out to me on Facebook (Owlivia Creations by Nicole , Instagram (Owlivia Creations and Iamnicole82 , TikTok (iamnicole82) 

I’m always here to help 



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