2 inch pot Sedum oaxacanum cuttings
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2 inch pot Sedum oaxacanum cuttings

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This cuttings can be placed directly into soil without roots , watered and within 10-14 days they will grow roots and take off . These are one of my favorite sedums because they can last and survive almost anything thrown at them . But also they turn a deep red in the full sun shrink down to rose shapes and are stunning . I use these in many arrangements because of there durability and cool color tones when stressed.
 Sedum oaxacanum is a low-growing, evergreen, perennial succulent up to 8 inches (20 cm) tall, that forms an attractive low mat with simple, fat, blue-green leaves dusted white on tips and set on red stems. This succulent is a strong sedum. The stem is breakable very easy but does not effect the plant or growth at all if pieces break off place n back in soil and let root . You grow it along with the other parts just as easy . The flowers are yellow, five-stellate and appear in summer. Hardiness USDA hardiness zone 3a to 10b: